Why do we love the stories we do?


Is it for the escapism? Do we revel in the chance to learn about cultures and places different to our own? Or is it simply because we relate to the characters and are in need of that emotional understanding?


If you're hoping to write the next great story, then delving the deepest depths of what knits a story together is the best place to start.


Throughout this portal, we will be looking at how to plot your story, how to create realistic, relatable characters and how to cope when the inevitable crush of imposter syndrome hits (along with so much more).

First, the rules, because there have to be some:


1) Nobody can tell your story for you. Short of sitting down and copy-typing your favourite story word for word, if you were to retell it to someone else, you'd embellish here and there, forget that bit or tell that bit with slightly different wording. Tell YOUR story as you think it should be told, your way.


2) These are tips and tricks you can use or disregard as you feel appropriate. If this portal were to make gargantuan claims, like "we can guarantee you an agent!" or "this will 100% make your novel the dog's danglies", well then I would be happily retired in a cottage somewhere by now. 

3) This site is only intended as a light-hearted look at potential ways to draft and review writing. No ducks or Krakens (Krakeni?) were harmed in the making of this website. I however am still lying down in a darkened room, so please be kind with your comments!


4) ALWAYS SAVE AND BACK UP YOUR WORK (you will be blasted with this rule at regular intervals throughout this course). If you only learn one thing from this portal, it will be Rule Number 4.

Now that's the rules out of the way. Still here? Awesome!


Welcome fellow Story Pirates to the great ship Mallard, your story-telling portal hub.

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Warning: There may be Pirate Ducks...