Hi! I'm Emma and I've been making jewellery for four years.

I specialise currently in handmade wire and bead creations, as well as working with clay.

When I was a little girl we lived on the edge of a forest, so I grew up with nature all around me. I loved walking in the woods and watching the vibrant change of colours as the seasons moved on. Then my Dad made me a ring, a simple thing out of amethyst and copper wire, and I was determined one day to create pretty things of my own.

I really wanted to find a way of bringing the beauty of nature into items that can be worn, gifted and enjoyed, so I came up with 'Seasonal Somethings'. Inspired by the natural world and the four seasons, these pieces are crafted with devotion and dedication, each one handmade.

Feel free to browse through the gallery and also please click the button at the top to subscribe for news of our latest pieces and any stalls or trade shows we'll be at!

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